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Avenging Angels of Entropia -- A.A.E.

Fight hard -- Work hard -- Play hard

Angel Newsflash!! -- MindArk bans L.O.V.E.!

22 February, 2002
Erik Johnels, speaking on behalf of MindArk, made it clear today that they do not want to see any links to the L.O.V.E. Society, because they object to the contents.
We fail to see how the L.O.V.E. Society infringes upon the PE rules. We resent this restriction to the freedom that we thought there would be in Project Entropia. Nevertheless, PE has the power, so we have complied with Erik's demands.

It's a mean world out there, on Calypso. Lots of things can happen to you, no matter how well insured you feel.

To make Calypso a better place, we have started the Avenging Angels. We are a tightly-knit band of warriors and special agents. Our primary aim is to wipe out the robot menace. But we also aim to assist all those who have suffered injustice from fellow players (especially Player Killers) and who need a helping hand.

PE says about Player Killers: "Killing another player automatically causes the PK to be classed as an outlaw for X hours, during which time his or her insurance does not apply.
Furthermore, during this period, other players may kill an outlaw and loot his or her possessions without any risk of similar punishment."

This is one of the many opportunities available to the A.A.E.!

Does this appeal to you? Do you have ideas for building a society of this kind? Then drop us a mail!

Angel Newsflash!! -- linda joins A.A.E.!

20 February, 2002.

linda, founding member of the L.O.V.E. Society, was admitted today into the ranks of the Avenging Angels of Entropia. She will work in the red light district of Calypso (if there is going to be one), plying her peaceful trade of providing pleasure and entertainment to the citizens of Calypso.

She has promised to give other members of A.A.E. "special favours", especially after completing their difficult and dangerous missions out in the field!

From time to time, she may be called upon to work as a Special Agent for A.A.E. herself.

We welcome linda!


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Historic building; Actual size=240 pixels wide

A Corona, one of the fast ships the Avenging Angels will be using during their missions.


Will it look like this? A member of the Avenging Angels finishing off an Argonaut.

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