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What does it mean to be in A.A.E.?
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How do we intend to run A.A.E.?

In the pioneering stages, right after the start of the game and when membership is still below 15, A.A.E. will work as a collective. All information will be shared freely by the members and decisions will normally taken by consensus, although the Founder will have the final say should there be a serious conflict.

After that, A.A.E. will work on the basis of cells: small groups of people that work together on secret projects, on a need-to-know only basis. These cells will get their information from the AAE Communications Centre. This Centre will be permanently staffed with key, trusted members of the Society. This will in fact be the directing body of the Society.

When in operation, A.A.E. members will always know who the commanders are and will be expected to obey orders. Special Agents on secret missions may operate alone or in small teams and will have, of course, a larger degree of freedom than the Warriors who may be engaged in open combat.

In peaceful times, or when Special Agents are not on missions, there will not be any strict hierarchies. Members of A.A.E. can pretty much do as they please: develop their skills, earn money, interact freely with others on Calypso.

Of course, it will be necessary to fund the operations of A.A.E. in some way. We do not know exactly how this will be done yet, but it will become clear soon after the game has started. When patrolling the wild areas of Calypso, A.A.E. patrols may be able to find valuable items that can be sold to others. Victories in battle may lead to important Spoils of War that can help to fund the Society. Punishing Player Killers may also become a source of income for the Society. Then, A.A.E. may be funded in part through a small tax levied on the members. Lastly, alliances may be forged with other societies that are oriented more towards trading and that stand to gain from A.A.E. services.

Ideas are welcome!