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What does it mean to be in A.A.E.?


What does it mean to be in A.A.E.?
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Additional information for people who are interested in joining and for new members.

Two classes of Members

We intend to have two types of members in A.A.E.: the Warriors and the Special Agents. Find below some information about the advantages and disadvantages of joining either group.

It will be possible to change from Warrior to Special Agent and vice-versa!


Warriors will be the people who are permanently on the alert for the A.A.E. They will man the Communications Centre that A.A.E. plans to set up. They may also be stationed at strategic places around the Planet. They may go out in patrols, possibly together with people from other Societies.

Whenever a call for help comes in, either because of the robot menace or because of PK activity, they will be dispatched first to the scene, using the fastest means of transportation available. They will quickly assess the situation and, if needed, lead in battle or command reinforcements as the need may be.

Warriors need to constantly train themselves to upgrade both their defensive and offensive skills. They need to be armed to the teeth and have access to the best and most effective technology that is available.

Join now, become on of them!

Special Agents

To the casual onlooker, these are normal, humble citizens of Project Entropia. They may work as teachers, shop attendants, farmers or merchants. They may be scientists or workers in the Red Light district. Nothing special... it seems...

These are the Special Agents of A.A.E.! They work under cover, secretly but constantly honing their skills, constantly linked to the Communications Centre of A.A.E. Unexpectedly, they may disappear for shorter or longer periods. Others wonder why: illness? A training course? Killed when venturing out into the wild? RL interference? No: Special Assignments for A.A.E.!

At times, Special Agents may be called upon to join in battle against the Robot Menace. But more often, their special skills are called upon for secret missions. These are the snipers, the ninjas, the covert operators of A.A.E. As the saying goes: revenge is a dish that is eaten cold... It may take months, it may take years: the Special Agents are truly Avenging Angels who plan and carry out their missions in secret and strike, always where deserved, never when expected...

Be one of them! -- Join the Avenging Angels!